How to succeed after university

It’s final year!

And it has not been particularly easy for me.

I’m more scared of the life out there than I am of the one I’m yet to complete.

Everything changes after this last phase, ‘but how do I succeed?’

The questions I ask myself now and then, and I have tried as much as possible to be inquisitive about what life offers after the ‘degree’

Succeeding after graduation depends more than just formal education!

Note: just because your formal education has ended doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

If you don’t keep the old skills sharp and continue learning new ones your career will become obsolete.

With my research, I have not really heard anything encouraging and that’s why I found these solutions for myself and I hope it helps you …

1. Get your priorities straight: You have to set your life even before graduating from school. Some people would consider Masters, while some will not!

The most important thing is to know the next step to take after leaving school.

Do you think you can get a good job with the course have have read in school?, what are your options after graduation?, what type of job do you want for yourself?…

make sure you ask yourselves these questions!

Note: don’t worry if you don’t get your dream job!

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Each of us have a unique contribution to make the world, which evolves as we prepare progress through the journey of our lives, the questions might be difficult to answer, but you can start to get the kind of person you are, where you want to go in your life with this career!

2. List your options: look for all the possible alternatives, no matter how bizarre they seem. It’s possible you even try to review your talent. Not everyone has to get a ‘graduate job’, some can be self-employed.

If you want a graduate job, these are some of your options;

– Take a look at what you can do with your degree

– Remember that your first job does not tie you to a particular career forever

– Work on building contact with professionals. I.e attend networking events

– Do not allow a gap to develop on your CV

– Don’t try to hide your result, instead focus on your strengths, demonstrate that you have the right skill for the job

– Ensure you’re prepared for interviews

If you want to be self-employed, do you have the confidence, tenacity and business acumen to get your organization off the ground? Then I have something for you;

– Choose a market you can defend well, get a business plan

– Get financing in place beforehand

– You need to be autonomous, make your decisions yourself

– Be financially disciplined/literate

– Be your own accountant, for starters

– Build your reputation with best practices

– Don’t be in a hurry to expand, unless you’re ready

3. Review your options: By reviewing your options, you’re simply going to look at the options you have chosen deeply, take your time to think and reflect on them, because it would help you choose a path.

With this review, you will know your capability and know the job you can go for and with that you will perform well because you took your time to analyze.

You were not focused and you had options !

4. Define your path(s): Layout your potential options on a timeline to see how you can mix and match them to help you feel good about the new life.

Create a path where you could do multiple things, you will be more confident and not be tied down to a single option. It will help you realize that if one option doesn’t work you can always move to another easily without compromising your contributions.

5. Identify what’s next: With your potential paths laid out, you will know the immediate action to take!

These steps does not help you to decide what you will do after university alone, it also links your choices and decisions to a higher definition of who you are and what you want from your life.

I hope it helps you to be more honest to yourself in choosing where and how you wish to progress on your journey beyond university.

All The Best.

6 thoughts on “How to succeed after university

  1. For those that want to go into the corporate finance, now is the best time to draft a CV. Draft the resume and give to older folks to review, improve your soft skills, make sure you get information and you prepare for opportunities that will come your way. In Nigeria “getting a job is a job”.


  2. Nice write-up👌
    Self development is also very important, most things required for you to make it are not taught in the classroom.


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